How to pay rent or bond?

Pay the rent4
Should you be successful in your application, then to secure the townhouse unit we will ask for two (2) weeks rent in advance plus full bond payment equal to four (4) weeks rent, totaling six (6) weeks rent. The rent payment will cover the period from the commencement of the tenancy.

Payment methods

As we do not handle cash due to security, there are three (3) options for making a payment such as rent:

  • Internet bank transfer, or
  • Direct deposit at any Westpac bank.
  • Rental rewards (not setup atm)

If you would like to deposit your rent directly at a Westpac bank then you simply go down to the bank and fill in a deposit form and deposit the money. The Trust Account details will be provided to you at the start of your tenancy. Always keep your deposit receipt on the left hand side of the deposit form as proof of payment. Quite often the bank may leave your reference number off your payment and make it difficult for us to track down which tenant made the payment. This deposit receipt will make it easier for us to identify any missing payments.

If you would like to make payment over the internet using netbanking, then Trust Account details will be provided to you at the start of your tenancy.

Payment periods

For the payment of rent, we prefer the rent to be paid fortnightly or monthly to reduce the amount of processing required and to minimize bank fees. All other payments can be made as invoiced.

Payment categories

In order to determine the purpose of the tenant payment, such as rent, bond, or water for example, the tenant is asked to provide a unique reference and their initials. Payments via the Rental Rewards website or internet banking allow the tenant to enter alpha (a, b, c) and numeric characters (1, 2, 3). Payments made at any Westpac bank allow for numeric characters (1, 2, 3) only making referencing a little more difficult.

The table below shows examples of unique code used for Vidorra (V) townhouse unit 03. For a rent payment made via internet banking, the tenant is asked to enter VG003RENT {initials} as the unique reference, so if the tenant is Troy Edwards of unit 03 then the reference should be VG003RENT TE, or VG003 Troy.  If the tenant is making this payment at a Westpac bank then the tenant is asked to enter 999003 as the unique reference. Please keep the bank payment receipt for proof of payment!!!

If the tenant is making a combined payments for example RENT ($400) + BOND ($1600), then the tenant may combined the payment and pay $2000 and use reference VG003 RENT TE.  Our system will detect the additional payment on top of your rent and allocate it correctly.  For irregular payments such as Water which is due every 3 months we prefer an individual payment and payment reference, ie VG003 WATER TE.

Payment categoryRental rewards / internet referenceWestpac deposit reference
RentVG003RENT {initials}999 003
BondVG003BOND {initials}888 003
WaterVG003WATER {initials}777 003
Repairs & maintenanceVG003RM {initials}666 003
MiscellaneousVG003MISC {initials}555 003