Move in process

Moving In 6Should you be successful in your application, then to secure the townhouse unit we will ask for two (2) weeks rent in advance plus full bond payment equal to four (4) weeks rent. The rent payment will cover the period from the commencement of the tenancy. Once these payments have been made we may get you in prior to the tenancy start OR on the day of the tenancy (which ever suits) to:

Our complex uses Metered Energy which provide an embedded power supply within our complex with rates charged at 10% below QLD gazetted rates.  Please note this means you cannot select Origin or AGL as your supplier.  To make an electricity connection the easiest way is to fill in the Metered Energy form online.  You can find the Moving In connection form at  You can also download the moving in form from the Metered Energy website or ask for one at our office.  Metered Energy are contactable on 1300 633 637.